Imo (Yoruba word for "knowledge") is a platform aimed at the creating a space for the creative to share their ideas with the world. Art, astronomy, entrpreneurship, philosophy, science etc, if it can help us understand or improve the world around us, then it should be showcased here. 

 We want to get to the core of people. Ever wondered creatives get up to? Sprinkle in a touch of realness and you have the perfect recipe for endearing and, ultimately, human content. As much as we are different, we are the same.

We want to facilitate the spread of knowledge and ideas through all forms of expression: be it writing, music, business, drawings, paintings and the like. We want to share and enhance the human experience. 

Would you like to share your work with the world or have anyone you'd like us to interview? See our 'contact us' page.